Here at King Concrete Inc, we pride ourselves in being one of Ontario’s only certified ClifRock installers. Using this technique, we specialize in building waterfalls. Each waterfall is hand-sculpted, features incredible water flow, and can be placed poolside, or over a liner free pond , made out of the same GFRC material.



ClifRock’s Panel Masonry™ technology is a dramatic development in the construction of outdoor living spaces. This technology combines the traditional appearance of stone with a simplified installation method. ClifRock’s method is faster and easier while removing the complexities and hassles of traditional masonry methods and materials.

Designed using select stones by a 20 year stone mason, our precast panels mirror the look and feel of their natural counterpart. Panels are precast using a fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete mix design. This technology enables the homeowner to choose their stone profile and color palette to fit the natural landscape of their backyard. Homeowners can now design projects that are not possible with traditional materials and methods. With our precast panels, we can reduce material waste and environmental impact, while delivering the highest quality vertical masonry structures.